Friday 16th November 2018.

 History of Farnborough.


Farnborough is the oldest active airfield in the UK. In 1905 the British Army's Balloon School was formed here. In World War one a number of RFC and RNAS aircraft, airship, and balloon squadrons were based here. The Royal Aircraft Factory was also based here which engaged in design and construction of aircraft for the War Office. They also did research and development (R&D) work which after the war assumed a growing importance. During World War II there was development work in all areas such as bomb sights, camera equipment, and rocket projectiles. Captured enemy aircraft were also evaluated here. After the war Farnborough had established itself as the world's foremost aerospace R&D institution and also gained prestige through its hosting of the biennial 10 day air show which concludes with a public air display on the final weekend.


Today, Farnborough operates many different aircraft types for testing,development, and experimental purposes. Accident-damaged aircraft are usually brought here for causual investigation by the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB). Farnborough is also home to the Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM) which investigates how flying effects the human body.


Courtesy of Military Airshow in the UK. Click here to go to militaryairshows.

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